Jason Rui Gao

Beijing born Jason was educated in the art of film, video and photomedia in Australia.

But even though photography was only his minor subject, the still image and its capacity to tell stories captured his interest. An interest that blossomed into a passion, and is now a full blown lifestyle.

His instagram profile and portfolio is littered with lifestyle street photography. Images that have a story, a sense of something going on outside the frame. Those that make you think what happened before, and after the moment the image set in stone.

It’s a philosophy that he copiously injects into his commercial work.

When asked what he wants to capture in his work, he responds with a one word answer – Natural. A feeling of ‘this is how it should be’. It’s not so hard to see then, why Jason’s images mostly deal in sports. After all, it’s the one genre that is notoriously difficult to fake.

“Either the subject can perform the action and I’ll get the shot, or it doesn’t happen”

There is a sense of dynamism, energy, and movement to his work. The struggle, hardship, and sense of achievement. Human feelings. Natural things. Is sports a metaphor for life? Look hard enough into his images, and you just might find the answer.

And though he operates out of Shanghai, his craft and expertise travel well. Eager to explore the world in its most beautiful state.

Its natural state.