Gerald Goh

First impressions of Gerald would peg him as a people person. But more accurate would perhaps be the term “people’s photographer.”

Because to Gerald, the greatest joy in life (aside from his two beautiful daughters) is capturing a subject’s true essence. An inner world, that brings out the subject’s joys, personality, dreams, and hopes. It may be a smile, a glance, or a tremble of the lips. To find that spark, that essence, he’ll go through great lengths. Summoning skills from his past lives as a music instructor, a skateboarder, and all his different personalities.

And when he succeeds, the images come alive. The subject sees him or herself in a new light. The audience forges a lasting connection between themselves, the image, the subject, and unknowingly, the photographer himself.

Since making his name in the local photography scene, Gerald has been hungry for new challenges. That led him, naturally, to be part of Wala Wala, a studio determined to redefine the way images work in the digital age.