Asyraf Rahman

In photography, there has always been a tension between art and commercial. A gray area that is supposed to straddle both artistic integrity and market demand. It’s a friction that means nothing to Asyraf Rahman.

Having been trained in the fine art photography, Asraf Rahman is that gray area. He welcomes experimentation in his work. Always managing to bring something fresh to the table, always looking for the story behind the picture. He aims to put a bit of art into photography. A philosophy he’s been true to ever since he used a scanner to create photos back in his university days.

He may seem at first a collection of contradictions, but know him long enough and one will discover the exact opposite. Because there is art in the commercial, and for every commercial assignment, art is essential. An image without artistic sensibilities moves no one, and after all, isn’t that what all commercial work is trying to do?